Yoga has the ability to ground you in the present moment which is why I love this practice. It isn’t about being able to touch your toes or contort your body into pretzel shapes. It is about connection between the mind, the body and the breath. I have practiced yoga for a number years and my practice evolves with my ever changing circumstances. 

I believe yoga is for every body and my aim is to spread a sense of inclusion and exploration in my classes. As a scientist I love to bridge the gap between the scientific and the spiritual. My hope, in my classes is to provide a safe environment to explore the mind body connection through asana, pranayama and meditation. 


500 hour Hatha teacher training (Yoga Scotland)

50 hour Yin teacher training (Bernie Clark & Diane Batts)

30 hour Katonah Yoga® mentorship (Katonah Yoga Centre)

BSc (Hons) Immunology &Pharmacology (Strathclyde University)

MSc Biomedical Science (Glasgow Caledonian University)


If you have any queries about classes or the practice of yoga please don’t hesitate in reaching out.

email: info@everybodyyoga.today

call/text: 07846832922


Peter Blackaby & Marc Aquaviva
January 2020

Alexandra Crow
October 2020

Leslie Kaminoff
November 2020

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